My love for you

My love for you is true,
Even when you don’t believe you are worth it…

My love for you,forgives,
Even when you don’t forgive yourself…

I must let you go,if it’s easier and you’re happy without me…

Though,my love for you,won’t be erased…
And you must know that I will hope…

Hope we find our way…

Why not together???

Take your time,and if you want to start all over again,the right way, I will be there…

To love you…

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You have a shoulder to lean on

The biggest mistake we can make is to think we are left alone to face storms of life.
The realization that we have a heavenly father who cares and loves us is comforting.
The even more encouraging thought is the knowledge we have an eternal destiny.
No matter how hard the road,how short our time here,we are called to be happy with God above.

The truth is that there is a hole deep inside our beings that can only be filled with His love.
We won’t ever be satisfied, no matter how hard we try to indulge in satisfying our pleasures,and choosing our will.

Let us trust in God’s will for us even amidst adversities.
Adversities make us grow.
Freedom is in doing what our duty is.
Our duty as a child of God.

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Need to get a grip on myself

Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

It is said the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.
What we often fail to understand is that our thoughts are influenced by what we see and hear in our everyday life.

So, the first step towards a new life,is silence to the worldly sounds as well as blindness to the worldly sights.
E.g. Being offline,cutting t.v.,no music,…

Then,the second step is opening our heart,choosing meekness and humility.

Lastly,is spending time studying the traits and virtues we wish to develop after recognising where we stand.
I,would chose a Bible,trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit over human nature.
We have the choice amidst possibilities.

I think that a week on our own,in a peaceful, nature setting, is a pretty change from the usual,using this time to connect to the divine.

I won’t hide.I wrote this for me.I’m trying it for a fearless heart and unwavering will.

Though,we shall agree,that a true change of heart and life,comes to those who are bold enough to take a step in the unknown.


Just eager to be busy again,so as to forget everything and cast aside emotions and feelings because I can’t handle them.
I need to go to the desert to prepare for the downs of life.
The greatest mistake I can make is not to live each second as if it was my last.
So,I got to stop wondering,follow my heart.

How to be a winner?

To be a winner, change your mindset.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond what you think you can do.

Never shy away from efforts.

Take one step at a time, don’t make plans for tomorrow, make plans for the now.

Be humble. Never boast about anything.

Don’t rely on yourself but on God’s strength.

Be helpful.

Where does true happiness resides in?

The photo of Jesus

(I kindly ask you to refrain from nasty comments. This is my personal view. I respect yours. Respect mine.)

Questioning my faith in Jesus-Christ, brought me tonight, alone, in my bedroom, sitting on the floor, pen and paper on a chair, Bible open beside me alongside a wonderful picture of Christ.

I decided to listen to Him with love casting aside the noise of the world, with an open heart to truths that I know would painfully show me where I was wrong.

How could living out the Gospel and pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus-Christ change the world?

I asked Him to show me examples of His love renewing our own selves, our hateful hearts, our painful hearts, our cold hearts…

To my own astonishment, he opened my eyes, he opened my heart to His power of love.
A love, so unconditional, that gives us the means to be reborn anew: breathing testimonies of His resurrection and Holy Spirit.

You, who goes on living, thinking that God isn’t…
You, who lost faith along the road…
You, who is in search of a truly fulfilling life that will bring you to happiness…
Be still…

Jesus Christ is not a character in a fiction book. He was and He still is.
His apostles took the trouble to spread the message of his resurrection.
How many times in the world’s history was His message of love threatened to disappear, but yet has still reached our 21st century world?

Christians were killed in the process of testifying his resurrection in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
At all points in the history of mankind, after Christ’s death until now, men and women alike were born anew in the Holy Spirit, living for love, with love, lighting the flame of eternal life in those who opened the heart to the truth that we are loved and cherished by God, our Father.

We are encouraged to believe that life is about satisfying our wants; indulging in every pleasure we can.

We are encouraged to pursue vain and ephemeral glory at the expense of our health, of our relationships even.

My personal view as a young adult is that I refuse to live in a worldly way.
Life has no meaning if it isn’t something other than pleasuring myself, than being able to succeed in being an exceptional woman to the eyes of this world.

I know deep down true happiness does not reside in the wisdom of the world.

Centuries have gone by, the same mistakes were made over and over again.

The only thing I trust wasn’t a mistake, was the love of Jesus-Christ, etched in hearts till now.

The joy that transfigures those who walk with Christ, never was seen on the face of someone who followed the common crowd culture of death and weakness.
The most beautiful of nature are found in the desert.

The most beautiful souls, the strongest ones of humanity, are those humble enough to acknowledge that  LIVING IS DYING TO SELF FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.



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