Need to get a grip on myself

Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

It is said the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.
What we often fail to understand is that our thoughts are influenced by what we see and hear in our everyday life.

So, the first step towards a new life,is silence to the worldly sounds as well as blindness to the worldly sights.
E.g. Being offline,cutting t.v.,no music,…

Then,the second step is opening our heart,choosing meekness and humility.

Lastly,is spending time studying the traits and virtues we wish to develop after recognising where we stand.
I,would chose a Bible,trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit over human nature.
We have the choice amidst possibilities.

I think that a week on our own,in a peaceful, nature setting, is a pretty change from the usual,using this time to connect to the divine.

I won’t hide.I wrote this for me.I’m trying it for a fearless heart and unwavering will.

Though,we shall agree,that a true change of heart and life,comes to those who are bold enough to take a step in the unknown.


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