The rush

Rushing leaves room for disappointments…do they always?

We aren’t always open to the art of waiting.
It takes wisdom to recognise that good things take time…

We all have this inner knowledge that patience is needed to be able to fully enjoy our lives without our choices crippling ourselves in some way.

This rush for something we aren’t yet ready for, is not necessarily something we can fight against.
To be able to recognise why we are rushing, we must have a whole picture of where we stand, and discover the reason why we feel like rushing.

As you experience the Eureka moment of the reason, you can find a solution, an alternative to rushing…

You can find the place, a place where you should be rushing to! How paradoxical! 🙂

Keep your heart, mind, soul, open…
Discover the reason for this need to rush into something then work around to find exactly where you should be rushing to instead.

Life’s a puzzle. Enjoy putting the pieces back together!

Much love and strength to you! 🙂